This is basically everything you’d want to know.

I love open source. I make most of the stuff I do in my free time public on GitHub. There’s a lot more detail about my current goals and projects on my profile.

I have a homelab and am slowly moving to an entirely IaC, all K8s setup with HCloud and several NUCs. I use both unraid and freenas for 100TB+ persistent storage.

I was into virtual currency before it was cool (TF2 hats in 2011, crypto in 2013). Now that it’s cool I don’t like it. This is completely unrelated to the fact that I’m still working.

I enjoy movies/tv and rate almost everything I watch on IMDB & MAL.

I currently own 7 12 15½ mechanical keyboards. This number is a hard limit and I will not be buying any more.

I like music, I am an avid audiophile and I collect and digitally process vinyl.

Here are some of my favorite tracks:

Fun fact, I still can’t tell the difference between lossless and 320kbps MP3s.